secret uses of hypnosis

Secret Uses Of Altered States

lucid dreamingAltered states have been around for a long time, and there are numerous studies performed under the rigors of modern science to determine if it is something that is real or not. Overwhelmingly, the studies conclude that hypnosis is real and has some useful techniques that can benefit the person. Here we will take a look at the secret uses of hypnosis and how they might benefit you.

How Hypnosis And The Brain Work

To understand the secrets of hypnosis you first need to know that the brain is made up of both the conscious and the unconscious parts. The unconscious is the most powerful part of the mind, and it is the part that has the greatest control over a person. The unconscious mind is nonjudgemental, and for this reason, if it sees or hears or comes to understand something, it has no way of separating fiction from fact.

It is for this reason that when you watch an intense movie or dream, you can experience the emotions and feelings of what is going on. So if you see something sad, you can begin to feel sorry, if you watch something that is scary you can start to feel afraid. It also works for positive emotions so that when you see something that is exciting or happy, you can feel those feelings within yourself.

Hypnosis tries to connect with a person’s subconscious mind directly and completely bypass the more judgmental conscious mind. The conscious mind is always evaluating and judging a situation based on an individual’s experience. If a person has watched television before and they suddenly see something exciting on the TV, the conscious mind then judges the fact that this is simply television and therefore it will reduce or eliminate the feelings or inspiration that might otherwise come as part of watching the show.

When a talented hypnotist bypasses the judgmental conscious mind and forms a direct link with the subconscious that is nonjudgmental, then the person becomes highly susceptible to the ideas presented directly to the subconscious mind.

Four Secrets Of Hypnosis

1. The Subconscious Mind Is Incapable Of Judging Information

Because the subconscious is not able to judge it will only absorb a situation and allow the experience to happen as though it’s real whether it is or isn’t. This position is highly useful because if we tell a person’s conscious mind that they are a perfect weight and that they look and feel great, the conscious mind will consider these words and it will judge them as incorrect because the conscious mind sees the individual as overweight and unattractive.

But when a person experiences hypnosis and that part of the mind will accept the words that were just spoken and will then set about controlling the character in a way that achieves the result that the subconscious mind already believes is true. Just like when you watch a scary movie you feel scared, once you believe that you are a healthy weight, then your subconscious mind will go about creating cravings for healthier food. It will reduce the feelings of hunger and other things that will aid in helping you to achieve what it believes to be already true.

2. For Better Or Worse, The Subconscious Is Boss

The most important secret of hypnosis is the fact that whether a person likes it or not, the subconscious is their boss. When consciously a person has developed ideas about themselves over time based on what others have said about them and experiences that they’ve had, the person begins to have these thoughts again and again until those thoughts reach the non-judgemental subconscious mind which accepts it. But this process can be overridden through hypnosis by directly connecting to the subconscious mind and giving it new information which it will just as readily allow and set about creating.

3. The Conscious Mind Is A Filter

A person’s conscious mind is not wrong, and it’s essential because if it were not there then any idea presented in society could get to the subconscious mind and that would be bad. It is, therefore, the job of the conscious mind to filter these things based on ideas and believes that a person has developed through experiences. The problem is when someone has concluded an idea that is faulty thinking that it becomes problematic. An example of this is like a baby a person crawls to the end of a sofa and falls off.

This example is something that was misunderstood in the mind of a young child but has stuck with that person, and therefore they never want to sit on a sofa because subconsciously they accept that couch is dangerous and harmful and can lead to pain. It is the same thing when a person is told by their parents or by school mates that they are overweight and unattractive. In time, the person begins to believe that it is true. So it is important to understand that the conscious mind is an important filter for the subconscious, but sometimes it filters the wrong information.

4. It Can Partially Override The Conscious Mind

When someone is hypnotized either by an experienced hypnotist or under self-hypnosis, they remain in complete control. It simply isn’t possible to get a person to do something that is completely out of their character. The most important factor is that the conscious mind can be bypassed enough so that real ideas can be placed into the subconscious mind to create positive results.